Elder Selection

Questions About Elder Nominations for Jun 1, 2022 Vote

Can David Platt renominate the same elder candidates? (7/7/2021 Capstone Report)

Platt announced a July 18 business meeting during morning worship and the renomination of the elders on Sunday, July 4, 2021. Chuck Hollingsworth, Ken Tucker and Jim Burris were renominated by Platt to become elders. However, some MBC members believe this violates the constitution.

According to the McLean Bible Church Constitution Article 3, Section 4, which declares, “If as a result of the election, the Board of Elders fails to consist of a minimum of six (6) elected elders, in addition to the pastor-teacher, the elders shall submit additional nominations to the congregation for approval within ninety (90) days after the June Congregational Meeting.”

Additional nominations clearly means new not the previously rejected names, according to a former MBC church staff member. Some in the church believe these men are Woke enablers who will continue the trend of MBC’s embrace of Critical Race Theory and other godless ideologies.

“What David Platt is doing violates the spirit and probably the letter of the McLean Bible Church Constitution,” said Jeremiah Burke, leader of the Save McLean Bible Church movement of conservatives.