Has Lon Solomon been “cancelled”? If so, why?

Lon Solomon was the Shepherd of McLean Bible Church as it grew to become a mega church before David Platt replaced him. Under Lon’s 37-year tenure, MBC grew from an average in-person attendance of about 300 to well above 13,500 (at times during the year, over 18,000). Under David Platt, the in-person attendance collapsed to less than 4,000 in only 4 years!

Lon’s sermons are nowhere to be found on the MBC website.

Lon has been put under a legal gag order (Non-disclosure Agreement). He is prevented from discussing anything about MBC.

As Pastor “Emeritus”, Lon Solomon was to be invited back to preach after his retirement as senior pastor. Has he been invited?

Are Lon’s sermons or books available at the bookstore?