Legal Issues


Lawsuit 1

Lawsuit 2

Timeline of Events

Over the last 4 years MBC leadership has pursued policies and actions in violation of the MBC Constitution, promoted unbiblical teaching and presided over the dramatic decline in attendance, giving and local ministry outreach.

a) Against it’s governing document, MBC officially affiliates with the SBC at national, state and local levels.
b) MBC requested affiliation at the state level in September 2017, the same month David Platt started.
c) Did David Platt blatantly lie to the congregation on July 4th, 2021 from the pulpit, stating “…we are not members of the Southern Baptist Convention?”
d) Lack of transparency about MBC’s participation and voting at SBC (members only) events.
e) Lack of transparency concerning how much money MBC receives directly from the SBC and how it is being used. Tithes given by the MBC congregation have been diverted to the SBC to fund its entities.
f) Lack of transparency as to how the SBC is using MBC’s tithes to fund various SBC ministries, the cost of funding 43 Southern Baptist Churches MBC has planted and how much funding the SBC is contributing through MBC to this church planting effort.