MBC Survey

  1.  Do you have concerns about what’s happened at McLean Bible Church?
  2.  If so, will you please share what those concerns are? 
  3.  Have you expressed your concerns to MBC Leadership either in an email or letter?
  4.  If so, would you agree to share that letter with our group?
  5.  Did you get a written response to your letter or email?
  6.  If so, were you invited to meet one-on-one with Leadership?
  7.  Did you meet with Leadership about your concerns?
  8.  If so, did you get a full response to your concerns/questions?
  9.  If you got a response, would you agree to share that response with our group?
  10.  Has your membership at MBC been removed without your request?
  11.  If so, were you given a reason for that removal?
  12.  Did you receive an email from Church Leadership stating that you are under Matthew 18 Discipline?
  13.  If so, were you given a specific reason for the disciplinary action?
  14.  Do you know of others who have left that would appreciate the opportunity to share their testimony?
  15.  Did you request your membership be removed because you have left and/or joined another church?
  16.  Would you be kind enough to give us a short testimony for why you left MBC?  We’d like to publish it on this website….without names, of course.

Please send your survey and any additional questions, comments or concerns to: tcmo1991@aol.com