Voter Intimidation Practices and Rigged Elections

MBC PRACTICES VOTER INTIMIDATION – (David Platt demands no secret ballot at next vote)

a. Creating Provisional Ballots and Changing the Rules on Counting Votes (Ja 1:17 ESV– “No shifting sands”) (MBC Newsletter 7/4/21)

b. Abolishing Secret Voting Ballots- (Pr 11:1 AMP – “A false balance and dishonest business practices are extremely offensive [an abomination] to the Lord, But an accurate scale is His delight.”) (MBC Newsletter 7/4/21). Requiring voting members’ names to be on the ballots does three things: (1) identifies staff who vote NO and subjects them to adverse employment actions; (2) identifies non-staff members who vote NO and subjects them to ex-communication from MBC; (3) allows MBC to selectively dismiss from membership those who vote NO which could swing the vote in any additional elections.

c. Broken Trust in and Safety of the Voting Process – David Platt slanders and smears concerned MBC members as liars, divisive, and as racists (I Cor 4:1,2 ESV – “…it is required of stewards [church leaders] that one be found trustworthy [and faithful].”) (Capstone Article – David Platt explodes at McLean Bible Church, plays the race card)

d. Arbitrary purging of the membership rolls to “weed out” any opposition.

e. Threatening members with removal by the church security force, the police and criminal prosecution if anyone speaks out in order to question or oppose the voting meeting agenda.