Salvation Testimonies

Anonymous 1

“B’s” Story

I come from a Presbyterian upbringing and became Catholic when I married my first husband who died in 1994.  I was saved at MBC in 1997…Pastor Lon always emphasized the importance of sharing the gospel with others. 

Several years after my husband died, his sister (also Catholic)  went into the hospital for surgery for severe complications due to diabetes.  Unfortunately, B came out of the surgery with more complications than ever.  She had aspirated into her lungs during the surgery.  She had even more trouble breathing, could not see, walk, turn her head, or do anything on her own. She could not sit upright without pillows. I was told B had severe irreversible brain damage and could not understand or hear. After several days, there was no improvement.  We were told that because of her severe deficiencies it would be unwise and unkind to put her on life support.  Should that be needed; we should just let her go.

I had unsuccessfully presented the gospel to B several times before.  I knew death was likely close and I have always been told that the hearing was the last sense to go.  So, I decided to present the gospel one last time.  I prayed, then I explained to B all about Jesus and told her if she heard and understood me, she could confess her sins to the Lord (in her head) ask for forgiveness (in her head), and tell Jesus she wanted to accept him not just as her Savior, but her LORD. I also explained what that meant for her in eternity.

This sister-in-law, who had stared unseeingly into space since her surgery, who had not moved her head, now turned.  There was no sign she could hear me, but she apparently did and recognized my voice because she turned directly toward me.  I told B to try to squeeze my hand if she understood me and wanted to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. I had no expectation that she would, but SHE SQUEEZED HARD.  A day or two later, she died; yet I know she lives and we will be reunited in heaven.

I am forever grateful to Lon Solomon, who taught me to keep talking to people about the Lord, to keep praying, and to never give up.