NEW: Capstone Report: Court of Appeals Orders Partial Reversal of Dismissed Case — (6/15/2023)

NEW: The Court of Appeals Decision returns the case to the Fairfax County Circuit Court! — (6/13/2023)

IMPORTANT Last Minute Message from one of the Original Founding Members of McLean Bible Church

*** Why is McLean Bible Church Leadership Proposing to Change the Dissolution Clause? Do they plan to dissolve MBC?

*** Be Informed and Understand How the Proposed Constitution Changes the Balance of Power at MBC


*** Why It’s Imperative You Vote NO…How Changes to Specific Articles Remove Your Rights as Members

*** Why MBC’s Constitutional Changes are Unacceptable (in general)

*** Email to the Elders & Pastor Platt about the Constitution & Past Actions that Resulted in Two Lawsuits

*** Comments to the Elders about the Proposed Constitution…from a Concerned Member

*** Why So Many Members are Concerned….and what One Member Wrote the Board of Elders

An Overlay Comparison of Current MBC Constitution and Proposed Constitution — (5/17/2023).

To understand the comparison, please note that the Underlined text is the new proposed language, the Strikethrough text is what‘s being deleted, and the Standard text is the part of the current Constitution that’s remaining the same.

Proposed Constitution — (5/17/2023)

Current MBC Constitution — (Written by founding families, but amended several times since….latest in 2017)


It took from 1961 to 2016 for attendance to reach 13,500+, but only 4 years (under David Platt’s leadership) for the attendance to drop to under 4,000.

After destroying a thriving church, the Platt-ERA administration faces 2 lawsuits in Fairfax County Circuit Court over rigged elections, disregarding the church constitution, mismanagement of donations, and gross mistreatment of church members.

  • Pictures of empty seats and parking lots tell the story of the disastrous collapse in attendance and enthusiasm under the Platt and SBC-era Administration
  • Members complain of being abused, threatened, intimidated, bullied, slandered, and pressured to leave
  • Suspicions of financial corruption, dirty dealings, and mismanagement continue to linger
  • According the chairman of the MBC Elder Board, as of 3/2023 the church has spent 750,000 dollars of church donations to pay lawyers that oppose those wanting to restore McLean Bible’s tradition of fair elections, financial transparency, fair opportunity to voice dissent, and due process
  • Could the final bill for these attorneys reach 1 million, all at the expense of the MBC congregation?
  • Open invitations for MBC leadership to appear publicly in a recorded forum to respond to complaints have gone unanswered.

Former Treasurer Submits Affidavit Regarding Hidden Financial Dealings (3/19/2023)

McLean Bible Church hid financial dealings with SBC from its Treasurer (3/19/2023)

UPDATE to Lawsuit 2: McLean Bible Church Loses Motion to Dismiss — Capstone Report — (3/18/2023)

ATTENTION!!! Court of Appeals Granted a Hearing on the Court’s Dismissal of 1st Lawsuit! Date: 2/16/2023 9am

McLean Bible Church Claims Court Cannot Enforce Ban on Affiliation with SBC. — Capstone Report (1/11/2023)

MBC Removes Church Memberships Without Cause, then Claims Former Members Cannot Sue for Misuse of Donations or Violations to the Constitution. (1/6/2023)

MBC Claims Statue of Limitations Prevents 2nd Court Case From Being Heard. (1/6/2023)

McLean Bible Church Submits a Motion to Dismiss the 2nd Court Case (see 2nd Court Case below). (1/6/2023)


2nd Court Case — McLean Bible Church Sued for ‘Breach of Contract’ over SBC Ties and Mistreatment of Members. (12/11/2022)

Dec 7, 2022 Budget Meeting — Recommendation to VOTE NO….and why (12/6/2022)

Reply Brief of Appellants — Steve Gaskins, et. al. (10/10/2022)

Press Release for Injunction Appeal (7/22/2022)

Appeal Petition to Court’s Dismissal of Injunction (7/22/2022)

Opening Brief of Appellants — Steve Gaskins, et. al. (07/22/2022)

Appeal Initial Filing (7/22/2022)

Fairfax Judge Dismisses McLean Bible Church Court Injunction (6/27/2022)

McLean Bible Church’s Ministries List Over the Years (2002, 2008, 2019, 2021, 2022). Many ministries have come and gone at MBC. As MBC members and attendees have departed, and as Leadership has changed the Church’s focus and direction, ministries have disappeared. Click to see the list of the ministries and programs that are part of MBC’s past (and present). Note: X tells When a ministry was and is currently Active

David Platt has stated repeatedly that McLean Bible Church is not a member of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Brian Autry, Executive Director of the SBC of Virginia states otherwise. This is his e-mail. The SBC of Virginia is a partnership of more than 700 Southern Baptist Churches. Is MBC Southern Baptist, and Do We Really Want to Be???


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