Many More Unanswered Questions

  1. What format is being used to conduct congregational meetings in accordance with the MBC Constitution? i.e., will Roberts Rules of Order be the format?
  2. Will there be an open Q&A period before and following the meeting?
  3. How much time will be allotted for Q&A?
  4. Will there be an open Mic?
  5. If open Mic, how much time will each person be allotted?
  6. Are all MBC attendees invited to attend the forums or only members? Can non-members, who want to see what MBC is about, attend?
  7. If the forums are open to attendees as well, will non-member attendees be able to ask questions?
  8. How will a quorum be determined for in-person congregational meetings?
  9. If the Leadership can pre-record and broadcast the meetings, will members also be able to record?
  10. If the congregational meeting is held online, how will quorum be determined?
  11. How will the voting be handled? I.e., will ballots, raised hands, and/or yea/nay assertions be used?
  12. What have been the annual amounts received by McLean Bible Church from the North American Mission Board (NAMB) and/or Send Network each year between 2016-2021?
  13. If no NAMB or Send Network funds were sent to McLean Bible Church, were there funds sent directly to New City Network?
  14. Bill Steele is MBC’s Financial Officer and the registered agent for New City Network according to their public reporting. Isn’t this a conflict of interest for MBC?
  15. Is McLean Bible Church currently affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention at the national, state, or local association level?
  16. All public documents of the SBC show that MBC has been affiliated since 2016. Why does MBC Leadership assert that MBC is not and has not been affiliated?
  17. Why is there an email circulated from the Virginia SBC proudly showing that McLean joined the SBC in 2017?
  18. A Religion News Services article on July 20, 2020, says “Current McLean leaders have denied that the church is a member of the SBC… But a spokesman for the SBC confirmed that McLean is considered an SBC church.” Can MBC leadership explain why and how the SBC even identifies MBC as an SBC church?
  19. Why have none of the meeting minutes been read since before the March 2020 congregational meeting (until now)?
  20. Since New City Network is closely aligned with the SBC church planting, what happens with the entity known as New City Network if we are no longer affiliated with SBC?
  21. When trespassing or nullifying an individual’s membership, what is the disciplinary process and how are they notified of the specifics of their “sin”.
  22. What were the specifics used to trespass a member and/or remove their membership? What was the “observed behavior”? What is the evidence and/or testimony that brought this about?
  23. Can church members who are considered to be under Matthew 18 biblical discipline contest the charges before the congregation?
  24. Who comprises “Senior Management” of MBC?
  25. According to the June 30, 2021, Congregational Meeting booklet, Senior Management Compensation is the line item that appears to indicate salaries and benefits for Senior Leadership. If this indicates the salary and benefits for David Platt, Wade Burnett, and Mike Kelsey, what is the breakdown for each person?
  26. During the 9/30 congregational meeting, the church stated there was a cyber-attack that prevented the 9/29 (the originally scheduled date)? Is there any forensic evidence of a cyber-attack? If so, did MBC file a complaint with law enforcement authorities?
  27. Are all the new church plants part of the Southern Baptist Convention?
  28. How much money has MBC contributed to Radical? Year by year and total?
  29. Are David Platt or other MBC pastors, bi-vocational? Is all outside business activity income reported as income to the IRS and the congregation?
  30. Why are we holding Congregational meetings during the Sunday Worship time?
  31. Why are the Minutes of the previous Congregational Meetings not read? These appear to be unique, deceptive, and voter manipulation tactics.
  32. Church Attendance: Has the Elder Board studied why MBC attendance has dropped so much over the last four (4) years and why so many people have left MBC to attend other churches in the area? If so, please share the Board minutes that address this topic.
  33. Conflict of Interest – How much money has been paid to Radical ( When was it paid? Please explain how David Platt can be the lead pastor of MBC and be influencing funds being paid to Radical. This is clearly a conflict of interest. Have the Board of Elders addressed this issue during a meeting? Please provide the minutes regarding the payment by MBC to the SBC or Radical.
  34. Where is the MBC Constitution posted on the MBC WebSite?
  35. Why is there no version control of the Constitution?
  36. Why is Wade responding for all of the Elders?
  37. Are all three (3) Senior Leaders (David Platt, Mike Kelsey, and Wade Burnett) attending the Elder Board meetings?
  38. Why is the congregation not informed of voting results?
  39. How was quorum determined during the two separate Congregational Meetings held on July 18, 2021?
  40. Why were names required on the ballot? This violates the very basis of the democratic process.
  41. Concerns have been raised over the methods used by how votes are being conducted, how they are being counted, and the reason for not releasing/publishing the results.
  42. The law firm currently representing MBC, in the litigation over election rigging and breach of contract, is the same law firm that counted the vote following the Jun 30, 2021, and Jul 18, 2021, congregational meetings. This appears to be an egregious conflict of interest.
  43. Article 6, Section 4 of the MBC Constitution requires that when an election of Elders is voted down, then additional candidates are to be presented within 90 days. On July 18, 2021, the same candidates were submitted for election, with no additional candidates presented. Why were no additional candidates offered for the Congregation to consider?
  44. Will MBC release and waive Lon Solomon’s Non-disclosure Agreement so he can comment on the current situation and respond to allegations about him?
  45. What happened to the food that was put outside after being in the Rock?
  46. It appears that church groups limit deeper biblical knowledge of church group members. Why are currently established groups required to choose between being a church group and a community group? Why are community groups not being supported by MBC?
  47. What is the process by which elders are presented to the congregation? Who at MBC is choosing the new Elder Candidates?
  48. Why are we planting churches affiliated with the SBC?
  49. I understand that Church Plants follow SBC Teaching, rather than MBC “What We Teach” teaching. Is this true? If not, how is what we pass on to Church plants different?
  50. The church has been silent about Mike Kelsey and his statement about torching all white people. What was done to rectify this inappropriate action?
  51. Why does MBC require police presence during Sunday services?
  52. Why were our names placed on ballots for the July 18, 2021 vote?
  53. To be a third-party law firm, would it not require them to not have been previously or currently employed by MBC? Accordingly, Holland & Knight have been employed by MBC; therefore, employing them to count the vote is a conflict of interest. As such, they cannot be considered a Third Party. How can we trust their vote counting?
  54. Ministry Terminations – Who made the decisions to terminate ministries? Were the elders consulted? Did the congregation get to weigh in on these decisions?
  55. What feedback was received before ministries were canceled and was the feedback considered in the final outcome?
  56. MBC stated that there was a Data Breach. Is there any forensic evidence of a data breach? If so, was a complaint filed with law enforcement authorities?
  57. Church Independence –How much money have we paid the SBC or any affiliate? When were payments made?
  58. The MBC Constitution prohibits MBC to be affiliated with any other organized denomination. How was our affiliation with the SBC established?
  59. Has there been an independent third-party audit of MBC finances?
  60. Has MBC contributed funds or non-tangible assets (office space) to any of David Platt’s or SBC organizations? If so, have those contributions been reviewed and approved by the Board of Elders? Do the Elders consider this a conflict of interest? If so, why have they allowed it?
  61. Elder Board Oversight – David wrote a book titled “Before You Vote” which controversially advised church members on voting considerations. Did the Elders advise him not to publish this book? If so, why did David disregard the advice of the Elders?
  62. We understood that Lon Solomon was to remain on MBC’s Board of Elders. Has he been involved in any MBC decisions? If not, why is he not involved in Elder oversight?
  63. Some MBC leaders appear to be very politically active. Pastor Solomon frequently quoted Romans 14:13 as the basis for MBC church policy that said that MBC leaders were not to engage in activity that could cause a “Stumbling Block” for members of our family. Did the Board of Elders advise against MBC pastors being politically vocal? If so, was their advice discounted. Has this policy changed?
  64. Has the MBC Elder Board studied why MBC attendance has fallen so drastically while other churches are adding services because so many from MBC are now attending there? If so, please share the Board minutes that address this topic.
  65. Have there been any discussions between MBC Leadership, the Elder Board, county officials, real estate, contractors, or financial institutions about changes to the McLean property? If so, what was discussed, when, and with whom?
  66. Why is there no Chain of Custody or locked Ballot Dropbox during Congregational Meetings where voting is conducted? Ballots were collected in a plastic sand pail. Is this sufficient for security/chain-of-custody?
  67. MBC has always been Nondenominational. Church giving to the North American Missions Board, which is part of the SBC, affiliates MBC to the SBC. If this is okay, why hide donation amounts when publishing the budget?
  68. Why has MBC changed its Congregational Meeting process to conducting the meetings during Sunday services?
  69. Why is there now no opportunity for Q&A or open forum?
  70. Why was a highly respected and long-term attendee (Jim Powers) not recognized during a Congregational Meeting held in the middle of the worship service? Seemed rather hypocritical of Leadership.
  71. Why did David Platt nominate Chuck Hollingsworth, and not the MBC Congregation?
  72. Annual Business Meeting is singular? The MBC Constitution calls for a minimum of one (1) business and three (3) Congregational Meetings a year. Why are we not following the MBC Constitution?
  73. Why are MBC members being disciplined in public and not in accordance with the MBC Constitution?
  74. Why was Ken Tucker installed as an Elder? This man is not above reproach. (Timothy 3:2-5); therefore, he can be forgiven, but he cannot serve as an Elder.
  75. There appears to be a major lack of transparency and humbleness within MBC leadership. The Chairman of the MBC Elder Board promised over and over that there will be open forums but that has not happened. Why has MBC Leadership resorted to voter intimidation practices since the Jun 30, 2021 vote that failed to elect the three (3) new Elders?
  76. How does MBC Leadership prevent people from coming to both services and voting twice?
  77. Why were the names of members added to ballots during the July 18th vote? What purpose did this serve except the appearance of voter intimidation? Why wasn’t our past practice of Secret Ballots for Elder Elections observed?
  78. Why is MBC Leadership continuing to remove active members from membership? Again, this appears to be manipulation of the vote in favor of MBC Leadership’s desired outcome.
  79. What was the process used in removing membership from active members?
  80. Do Radical and New City Network (NCN) fall under Central Ministries?
  81. What percentage of Central Ministries goes to Radical and New City Network? There are no line items designated in the budget for Radical and NCN. Why the lack of transparency?
  82. Analysis shows that Central Ministries comprise approximately 25% of the overall budget. By Campus, what percentage of contributions is going toward Central Ministries?
  83. What comprises Central Ministries and Central Operations? (Both $5M+)
  84. What comprises Expansion, Planting, and Outreach? ($4.2M)
  85. Where in the past congregational budgets were the SBC payments?
  86. Where do MBC’s contributions to radical fall in the budget?
  87. Why was the PPP money not reimbursed back to the Federal Government?
  88. What is the breakdown of salaries being paid to senior management?
  89. Why has church planting been reduced to zero?
  90. On what date is New City Network being dissolved?
  91. Why is Church planting being reduced to zero, but surplus allocations of $500,000 being designated for church planting?
  92. Why doesn’t the Budget reflect all of the inbound and outbound payments that occur?
  93. Why doesn’t MBC’s Budget Reporting conform to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) format?
  94. Who is MBC’s Treasurer? Is that Bill Steele?
  95. Under the Constitution (Art 6, Sect 6, Paragraph “D”) “the congregation is [to be] informed on a monthly basis of the status of the church finances.” Where are such reports available?
  96. Under the Constitution (Art 6, Sect 6, Paragraph “D”) “Proper records and books concerning incoming and outgoing funds shall be kept and such records and books shall be available for auditing or inspection.” Where is the repository for that information?
  97. If attendance has dropped by 75% how can the revenues still be the same or even higher?