Are We Southern Baptist…Do We Really Want to Be?

DISCLAIMER: The following video by AD Robles reviews evidence that MBC is affiliated with the SBC. AD has some commentary in addition to the evidence. The group(s) that represents does not necessarily agree wtih AD’s commentary, but does concur that the evidence presented is public information and available for inspection.

Do we (MBC) want to be part or partner with the SBC and NAMB? Despite denials by David Platt of MBC’s affiliation with the SBC, it is clear there has been (and may continue to be) a partnership or relationship with the SBC and NAMB. Independent of exploring the relationship of MBC with the SBC and NAMB the following resources may provide insights into whether such partnerships are desirable.

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) in 2021 is not the SBC of the generations past. The North American Mission Board (NAMB) is the SBC’s domestic missions agency.

Both the SBC and NAMB have a history of financial scandals and are embroiled in court cases challenging their financial stewardship. There also appear to be serious issues with the theological direction of the SBC and NAMB.

Below is a list of articles that highlight ongoing concerns with both the SBC and NAMB:

David Platt has stated repeatedly that McLean Bible Church is not a member of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Brian Autry, Executive Director of the SBC of Virginia states otherwise. This is his e-mail. The SBC of Virginia is a partnership of more than 700 Southern Baptist Churches. Is MBC Southern Baptist, and Do We Really Want to Be???

SBC-associated entity, Baptist Foundation of Arizona (BFA) 500-million-dollar scam, culprits sent to jail

CBS “60-minutes” documentary of SBC-associated entity’s 600-million-dollar fraud (Aug 31,2011)

Former NAMB Trustee Jailed for Fraud (February 7, 2011)

The US Department of Justice is Investigating the Southern Baptist Convention (RNS) (Aug 17, 2022)

Anonymous group calls for more transparency from SBC’s North American Mission Board (Feb 8, 2022)

One Church’s Response to DEAFENING SILENCE on SBC Lawlessness, Corruption, and Abuse (Sep 2021)

Spending God’s Money – the secrecy of Southern Baptist Convention officials about a financial scandal (Dec 11, 2008)

Why So Much SBC Influence in a “Non-Denominational” Church? (Jun 11, 2022)