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After destroying a thriving and growing church, David Platt and SBC operatives face a jury trial in Fairfax County Circuit Court

  • Members complain of being abused, threatened, intimidated, bullied, slandered, pressured to leave
  • Allegations of rigging church elections to control the half-billion-dollar MBC organization
  • Suspicions of financial corruption, dirty dealings, mismanagement
  • A quarter-million dollars of church donations have already been used to pay lawyers to keep Platt and Burnett in power after allegations of rigging were filed in Fairfax Circuit Court, more church donations are likely to be used to keep Platt and Burnett in power

Mclean Bible Church may not be the right church for you” — David Platt

I’m truly happy for you to be in another church” — David Platt

Visit www.RestoreMclean.com