Removal/Denial of Membership

MBC DISHONESTY IN PUBLIC DISCUSSION – MBC Leadership is controlling the MIC and the narrative for everything at Congregational Meetings, even though members and attendees have requested to speak. MBC Leadership refuses to entertain public dialogue to discuss contested issues; as a result, the congregation cannot weigh important issues needing to be expressed. MBC leadership has repeatedly chosen to ignore and deny the existence of hundreds of communications like the ones posted under the “Unanswered Questions” tab from members that have raised questions and concerns regarding the unbiblical teaching, mismanagement and unconstitutional policies of the MBC.
a) David Platt mischaracterizes church members who disagree with his Leadership labeling them as malicious, liars and deceitful.
b) MBC leadership have employed a smear, fear and shame campaign which is a form of slander (Col 3:8); a behavior prohibited in the Bible. Here are examples of issues used to smear ALL those voting NO that have been used:
i) One anonymous email that claimed that MBC planned to sell the church building to a Muslim group and give a large portion of the proceeds to the SBC.
ii) Smeared MBC members by using an out of context comment made by a non-MBC member and labeling ALL as racist (David Platt’s racist smear).
iii) Smeared MBC members by implying that the MBC member list was being maliciously exploited to compromise and harm members by making personal data public. (David Platt’s slander)